Who is behind EBTM?

Founding members of the Belgian Bitcoin Association created EBTM in 2013. We are registered as a SPRL number 0548 727 812. One of the members is a professional miner, another one is author on cryptocurrencies.

Why choose EBTM?

We make Bitcoin, a digital currency, a physical reality. You can buy with your cash Bitcoins or sell them for cash in a flash. We only take a 5% fee.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the largest virtual currency. A virtual currency is an electronic currency that is exchanged online for goods or services or sent between individuals and verified by a decentralised network with low transaction fees. Sending and receiving Bitcoins is quick as well as easy.

What is a wallet?

Just as you have a wallet for your cash, you need an electronic wallet to hold your bitcoins. For security reasons put a password on it! And contrary to the wallet in your pocket, you can back-up your bitcoins.

Are Bitcoins illegal?

No, Bitcoins represent an emerging technology yet to be fully regulated. Many governments are planning a framework to allow for Bitcoin and virtual currencies in general to grow.

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